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Edgar Boone

Hall of Fame Class of 1996

Edgar Boone Edgar Boone established and chaired the Department of Adult and Community College Education at North Carolina State University in 1963. He developed and validated a systems-oriented programming process that is being used by adult educators in 43 states and 34 other countries in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating adult education programs.

He also developed and validated a community-based programming model at North Carolina State University that is being used by community colleges throughout the nation, Canada, and England to expand their missions and roles to become more actively involved in the affairs of their respective communities.

He established a pilot community college leadership program (ACCLAIM) at North Carolina State University that encompasses Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The program has as its primary goal that of repositioning the 114 community colleges in the four states to enable them to engage effectively in community-based programming in order to become catalysts in identifying and resolving critical issues that are or have the potential to impact negatively the quality of life of people residing in the communities being served. A second program goal is to help women and minorities better prepare to assume leadership positions in the nation's community colleges.



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