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Joseph S. Rawlings

Hall of Fame Class of 1997

Joseph S. Rawlings Joseph S. Rawlings is Dean Emeritus of the School of Continuing Education and Public Service at Ball State University. He joined the faculty in 1968 as Assistant Director of Extended Services, later became the Director of the Institute for Community Education Development (partially funded by the Mott Foundation), and was named Dean in 1973. He retired in 1991. Dr. Rawlings' major accomplishment during his tenure as Dean was institutionalizing the continuing education function at Ball State University. As a result, centralized funding for all off- campus credit-bearing instruction was established and maintained.

In addition to teaching occasional graduate classes and publishing research in the quarterly journal of the National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA, now UCEA), he has been active in a number of professional groups. In his affiliation with NUCEA, he has served as institutional representative, Chair of the Special Needs Committee, Chair of Region IV, and member of the Board of Directors in 1977-78. He was awarded the Emeritus Fellow of Extension Key. In 1988, he was given the Outstanding Administrative Service award by Ball State University and was named a Sagamore of the Wabash by Governor Otis Bowen in 1980 and by Governor Evan Bayh in 1991.

Dr. Rawlings prompted the development of the most extensive access to off-campus education in Indiana. He provided leadership for the nationally creative and innovative use of tele-education. He was responsible for establishing continuing education for many groups in Indiana, such as local public officials. Moreover, he successfully encouraged faculty involvement and participation in continuing education and helped craft Ball State's extraordinary commitment to public service.



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