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Sue Maes

Hall of Fame Class of 2000

Sue Maes Sue Maes has been a stellar contributor to the causes of continuing and adult education both as a founding member of the Rural Clearing House for Lifelong Education and Development and as President of the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA). Her work with UCEA has encompassed 15 years of contributions, including serving as chair and co-founder of the rural continuing education division and chair of the community development and services division.

She is the Senior Development Officer for the Educational Communications Center at Kansas State University where she promotes strategies for a technology-mediated "campus of the future." She provides leadership to the campus, regents, and state in the development of telecommunications, multimedia infrastructure, training, development, and evaluation for outreach and on-campus projects at Kansas State University. One of these projects was the establishment of Kansas State University as an Internet 2 Institution.

Dr. Maes' ongoing interest in the intellectual well being of rural America has also included working with Kansas State University colleagues to design a Rural Outreach Assistance Center. The activity promoted outreach to rural areas and created a community service program among other projects.

Her work, as Executive Director of the University for Man, included running a local community education program that produced 900 classes for 12,000 participants in a noncredit, experimental course activity. Under this initiative, she worked with libraries, state cooperative extension, and private colleges in a five-state area. The activity led to legislation in Kansas creating the Community Resource Act, which continues to fund rural communities to assist in the development of educational programs.

Dr. Maes received the John L. Christopher Outstanding Leadership Award from UCEA's Region V in 1997; the National Rural Education Association Research Award, 1991; the Creative Programming Award, NUCEA Division of Conferences and Institutes, 1989; and the Research Award in Adult and Continuing Education, NUCEA Region V, 1987.


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