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European Class of 2006

Hall of Fame 2006 — Bamberg, Germany

A special ceremony for the European Class of 2006 was held Sept. 27 in the historic hall at the University of Bamberg, Germany. Educational scholars and practitioners whose contributions provide the foundation for continuing education and adult learning in Europe were chosen for entry. The induction ceremony was held in conjunction with two international conferences on adult education: the 4th International Society for Comparative Adult Education and the 11th European Class of 2006Standing Conference on the History of Adult Education.

The induction ceremony was staged to a full house and hosted by James P. Pappas, Ph.D., vice president of University of Oklahoma Outreach and dean of the College of Liberal Studies, and Jost Reischmann, professor of andragogy, University of Bamberg, Germany, and John Henschke, professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis. Pappas presented the introductory address and Rita Suessmuth, a German politician and president of the OTA Hochschule, a private university in Berlin, presented the closing comments for the event.

Paul Belanger, Ph.D.

Michael Eraut, Ph.D.

Heribert Hinzen

Joachim H. Knoll, Ph.D., Ph.D.h.c.

Roger Morris, Ph.D.,

Ekkehard Nuissl, Ph.D.

Franz Pöggeler, Ph.D.

Reginald (Reg) Revans, Ph.D.

Dusan Savicevic, Ph.D.

Peter W.J. Schramade

Tom Schuller, Ph.D.

Alfredo Soeiro, Ph.D.

Rita Suessmuth, Ph.D

Alan Tuckett, Ph.D.


view of the hallway with framed photos of the inductees

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