1997 In Memoriam 


Malcolm Knowles

Malcolm Knowles

Malcolm Knowles is Professor Emeritus of Adult and Community College education at North Carolina State University, where he served from 1974 to 1979.

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Lloyd Schram

Bill Griffith

Admitted to the Washington Bar in 1939, the same year he was appointed assistant council of the Washington Tax Commission, Lloyd Schram became a member of the staff and faculty of the University of Washington in 1940.

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William Turner


William Turner was one of the original founders of the national task force which was established in 1968 to address the need for recognition and documentation of non-credit education courses and programs for practicing professionals and other adult learners throughout the U.S. Serving as the only chair, he led the task force in the creation, implementation, and development of guidelines for the Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

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