2016 In Memoriam 


Patricia A. Cranton

Patricia A. Cranton

Dr. Patricia Cranton has been a leading adult educator whose publications surrounding adult learning have influenced generations of scholars not only in North America but also internationally. She is an authority about higher education, faculty development, vocational education, professional education, instructional design, research methodologies, and instructional technology.


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John Ebersole

Dr. John Ebersole

Dr. John Ebersole is among the most distinguished advocates for the adult and lifelong learner in the United States and abroad. As president and chief executive officer of Excelsior College, he leads a regionally accredited, private, nonprofit institution of more than 40,000 students with graduate and undergraduate degree programs focused solely on the adult learner.


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Gordon Guyer

Gordon Guyer

Gordon Guyer was named Director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture in 1994 after a long and distinguished career in agriculture, higher education, and natural resources development. He began his public service career as an instructor of entomology at Michigan State University (MSU) in 1953.

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