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Give a Gift: Honor Outstanding Mentors

An Outstanding Mentors Plaque has been placed in the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.

The plaque consists of 60 individual brass plates to recognize and honor special people who have helped one achieve success along life's journey.

List of Selected Outstanding Mentors

Thurman J. White
"Thanks for the Hall"
Clinton Anderson

James P. Pappas
"Dynamic, Innovative Leader"
Nina Barbee

Edgar Boone
"Excellence in Adult Education"
Daniel D. Godfrey, Sr.

J. Willard Williams
"My Guiding Light"
Dian Stoskopf

Myron Johnsrud
"Modeling Creative Risk-Taking"
Janet Poley

L. Dian Stoskopf
"A Steadfast Role Model"
Paula Harbecke

Clinton Anderson
"For Showing Me the Way"
Dian Stoskopf

A. Frank Mayadas
"Quality Online Learning"
Janet Poley

Joseph J. Arden
"A Selfless Leader"
Paula Harbecke

Edgar Boone
“Dedicated to the Profession” 
Wendell Smith

Warren P. Rucker
"A Fountain of Knowledge"
Dian Stoskopf

William (Andy) Edmundson
"Exemplar and Friend"
Warren Rucker

Edgar Boone
"For His Remarkable Leadership"
John Peters

Max Raines
"Professor of Higher Education"
Gunder Myran

C. Diane Bishop
"A Champion for Adult Education"
Gary A. Eyre

Edgar Boone
"Innovator, Leader and Friend"
Richard Liles

Carl E. Kemmerly, Jr.
"Dynamic Leader and Mentor"
Edgar Boone

Robert Crothers Clark
"Visionary, Intellectual Giant"
Edgar Boone

Thurman White
“Always Encouraging” 
Wendell Smith

George Hyatt, Jr.
"Visionary Leader, Role Model"
Edgar Boone

William Dallas Herring
"Devotion to Lifelong Education"
Edgar Boone

Roger Hiemstra
"Teacher Mentor Friend"
Ralph Brockett

J. Keith Foster
"Who Encouraged so Many of Us"
Roger K. Morris

Russell Kleis
"My inspiration and role model"
Rosemary Caffarella

John A. Henschke
"Chaired 45 Dissertations"
The Henschke Family

Tilton Davis, Jr.
"A True Believer! "
Clinton Anderson

Janet Poley
“Decades of Leadership”
Dan Godfrey

Kathryn G. Frost
“My hero, friend & great leader”
Dian Stoskopf


A plate can be purchased by sending a $200.00 contribution made payable to:

University of Oklahoma Foundation 

Addressed to:

University of Oklahoma OUTREACH
International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame
c/o Nina Barbee
1700 Asp Ave.
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Please call (405) 325-3599 for credit card payments.

  • Any member of the Hall of Fame or a spouse or friend of a member of the Hall can purchase a plate. 
  • The OU Foundation will send a receipt to the donor.
  • Individuals can purchase more than one brass plate (multiple honorees). 
  • There is sufficient physical space in the Thurman White Forum Building for more than one Mentors Plaque.
  • When acquiring the plate, the purchaser can designate a short inscription for the plate.  The inscription should contain the name of person or organization who is being recognized, honored and/or remembered; a very brief phrase of honor (maximum 30 characters including spaces), followed by the name of the donor.  
  • OU staff will ensure that the engraving appears in a standard font and will be added to the Mentors Plaque in a timely manner.   
  • Nina Barbee will send each donor a thank you card.

Please include an address for your mentor or their family members if they are deceased. OU staff will send letters of recognition and a photo of the plaque.