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Audrey Springs Anderson

Audrey Springs Anderson

Hall of Fame Class of 2002

As the Dean of Extended Education at California State University-Fresno and current President of the University Continuing Education (UCEA), with approximately 400 institutional members and 1800 professional members, Dr. Audrey Springs Anderson has contributed significantly to the field of adult and continuing education in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service. 

Since 1987, as the Dean of Division of Extended Education and Professor, Child, Family and Consumer Sciences at California State University, Fresno she is responsible for the development and administration of policies and procedures for the implementation of continuing education programs regionally and abroad. Additionally, serving approximately 17,000 students through eight program areas. She continues to be an advocate for continuing education and persistently and actively promotes the field through providing consultation services nationally and internationally to adult learners within educational and business communities. 

Her other professional affiliations include the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE), the North American Association of Summer Sessions, the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators (WASSA), and the American Association of Higher Education. She also served on the Executive Committee of the Council on Extension, Continuing Education and Public Service of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) and the CSU Commission on Extended Education.

She has enhanced visibility of the field of adult and continuing education regionally and abroad through her leadership and exposure as UCEA President, Dean of Extended Studies and full, tenured professor at CSU/Fresno. She has maintained affiliation with five higher education professional associations, served on more than one dozen committees and boards and remained active as a consultant aiding national and international audiences. Since 1988, Springs Anderson has served on more than fifteen committee and board positions including leadership positions in NASULGC, eight in NCUEA and six at CSU Fresno. 

Dr. Springs Anderson has faced the challenges in achieving distinction in her field with moral integrity, strength and determination of purpose. Her vision of outreach (expanding learning in a boundless manner and utilizing numerous methodologies in these efforts) has enabled her educational efforts to enhance the lives of thousands. Many outside the educational realm were given the opportunity to become lifelong learners because of her vision and commitment to the business of learning.