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Don Seaman

Don Seaman

Hall of Fame Class of 1996

In 1989, Don Seaman received the approval of the Board of Regents of Texas A&M University, where he is Professor, to develop the Texas Center for Adult Literacy and Learning. Supported solely by external funds, staff of the Center, through the competitive bid process, acquired over 4 million dollars in contracts and grants during the first six years of operation. Major projects included the Community Network Development Demonstration, Texas Literacy Resource Center, Adult Literacy Clearinghouse, Adult Education Professional Development Consortium Liaison, and numerous research and evaluation projects. In 1993, he was a member of a team that visited two countries in Africa to develop an interactive video conference, via satellite technology, between professional educators in those countries and professionals at Texas A&M, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Follow-up activities have included sharing materials and technical assistance among these professional educators. Other related projects are planned for the future.

In 1982, he became the first sole president of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education. Major accomplishments included surviving an intense financial crisis and developing a structure of operations to assure the future of the organization.