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Guan Shi Xiong

Guan Shie Xiong

Hall of Fame Class of 1999

One of the most significant figures in adult and continuing education in the People's Republic of China was Guan Shi Xiong. His monumental efforts reached into every aspect of China. Indeed, under his tutelage, adult education in Beijing took on a new aspect. Throughout his life, for example, he was keenly devoted to the training of teachers, and from the founding of the PRC in 1949 until his death in 1998, he insisted that adult education should serve social progress, economic development, and the welfare of the citizen.

Professor Guan's leadership extended to many different arenas within his country and beyond. He wrote and edited ten published books in his field, including The Theory and Practice of Adult Education, On Adult Education in China, and A New Directory of Adult Education. In 1949, he voluntarily gave up his work in the university and dedicated himself to the arduous task of eliminating an alarming 80 percent illiteracy rate in Beijing, which he accomplished by 1995. He established ten different adult education colleges, universities, institutes, schools, and academies in Beijing and laid the groundwork for starting some 950 adult education colleges and universities in China.

Among many other roles, Professor Guan served as Deputy President of the Educational Bureau, Director of the Industrial and Agricultural Office, President of the Adult Educational Bureau, Chancellor/President and Professor of Beijing Broadcasting and Television University, and Deputy Director of the Self-Study Examination Committee of Higher Education. He was also elected to numerous Beijing and national offices, among them: President of the Beijing Adult Educational Society, Deputy President and Academic Director of the National Association for Education of Staff and Workers and Professional Training, and Deputy Director of the Editorial Board on Monograph Collection of National Adult Educational Theories.

Professor Guan received his Master of Law Degree at the Law and Political University in Japan. He then returned to China and taught in Institute of Law, Chao Yang District of Beijing; Qing Hua University; Political University; and Chao Yan University.