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Reatha Clark King

Reatha Clark King

Hall of Fame Class of 1996

Dr. King presently serves as President of Metropolitan State University in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. After receiving her Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Chicago, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia University, King has established a long and distinguished career as a research chemist, college teacher, and administrator. She is known for her publications in chemistry and higher education and has been widely honored by professional peers. One of her many honors includes the Exceptional Black Scientist Award from the CIBA-GEIGY Corporation. A former chair of the board of the American Council on Education, Dr. King also serves on several corporate boards and has worked in many higher education associations. 

On her nomination to the hall, she said, "Through the years, it has become clear to me that continuing education is the lifeblood of a great civilization and it is fundamentally important for a strong democratic society. It has been my experience that thriving communities value continuing education. From my own personal experiences, I know that the individual who pursues continuing education and lifelong learning is continually equipped to overcome social barriers to opportunity. Lifelong learning has been one of the key factors in my successes over the years. From my interactions with others, it also has become clear to me that the best gift any person can give another is the encouragement and actual assistance that the person needs to continue his or her education. In summary, adult and continuing education sustains civilization, strengthens democracies, and helps individuals and communities prosper. However, the key benefits of continuing education and lifelong learning are the way it deepens our humanitarian concerns for other people."