James (Jim) Cronin

John Holden

Hall of Fame Class of 1996

John Holden is listed in the 1964-1965 volume and in subsequent editions of Who's Who in America. It is no coincidence that his leadership in numerous associations is marked by times of their highest membership. He has been President of the Adult Education Associations of the USA and of Ohio, Michigan, and the District of Columbia when each was at its highest membership level. As Chairman of Public Relations and the Membership Committee of the national association, he increased the membership to an all-time high of 13,500. During his lengthy tenure at the self-supporting U.S.D.A. Graduate School from 1958 to 1982, the enrollment swelled from 4,500 to 35,000. He has also recruited more new members into the World Federalist Association than any other person. He has been active in that association since 1947 and chairman of its Advisory Board for the past twenty years. He has also been a leader in the Great Decisions Program of the Foreign Policy Association since 1949. His most recent publication is a chapter on "Adult Education and the World Bank" in Adult Education Through World Collaboration.