James P. Pappas

Judith Ann Koloski

Hall of Fame Class of 1997

Judith Ann Koloski serves as President of Judy Koloski and Associates, a private consulting firm specializing in all aspects of education and training policy. She has been Executive Director of the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium, Inc.; Executive Director of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE); Branch Chief of Adult and Continuing Education with the Maryland Department of Education; Executive Director of Maryland Partners of the Americas, which fostered international exchange programs between Maryland and Brazil; and Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Connecticut. Ms. Koloski received her B.A. degree in English from Marquette University in 1966 and her M.A. in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Connecticut in 1976.

Among her accomplishments include establishing the first national office and organization for professional development activities of the National Council of State Directors of Adult Education and initiating a strategic planning process with AAACE. She established Literacy Volunteers of Connecticut as the most successful affiliate of the national organization and established financial independence in three years. Her lobbying and legislative efforts helped in the development of the first major literacy legislation passed by Congress in 1991 and in obtaining significant increases in funding for adult education at state and national levels.

Her many awards and honors include Outstanding Adult Educator from the Coalition of Adult Education Organizations (1991), Chairman's Award from Literacy Volunteers of America (1990), Outstanding Service Medallion from AAACE (1990); and Person of the Year from the National Council on Community Services and Continuing Education (1988).

She has also served on the United Way of America National Education Committee, U.S. Department of Labor Workplace Education Task Force, Gannett Foundation Literacy Task Force, Commission on Higher Education and the Adult Learner, Mott Foundation Task Force on Community Education, and Coalition of Adult Education Organizations.