Glenn S. Jensen

Glenn S. Jensen

Hall of Fame Class of 2003

Glenn S. Jensen was a founding father of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education and is recognized for his contributions to the national and regional associations. He was the second Executive Director of the Adult Education Association in the United States from 1959 to 1963 and later served as its President. Dr. Jensen was the Department Head of the adult education program at the University of Wyoming where he helped found the Mountain Plains Adult Education Association (MPAEA). As part of MPAEA, he guided the creation of the MPAEA Journal of Adult Education as an outlet for the research of graduate students. 

The development of the University of Wyoming program and his work with graduate students earned him the label of "Mr. Adult Educator." Dr. Jensen was also one of the founding members of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE).
He has remained committed to the constant reexamination of accepted norms in the field, emphasizing personal development through adult education. 

Dr. Jensen's commitment to inter-agency cooperation was evident in the development of Adult Basic Education for the Wyoming State Department of Education. His multi-faceted approach involved adult education agencies, community colleges, welfare and employment agencies in Wyoming.

Dr. Jensen has left a legacy of integrity and commitment to continuing education through the many students who had the opportunity to work with him. In a recent interview he stated that, "the professional successes of his former students and colleagues were the best indication of any success he has attained."